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Brother focuses on replacement for fax

Brother's two new desktop scanners, ADS-1100W and ADS-1600W, will not take up much space on your desktop, and yet they provide all the features needed by most people. These super slimline scanners from Brother offer wireless network interface and work directly with e.g. smartphones and tablets.


For a long time, Brother has been the largest manufacturer of fax machines. A business area declining year by year, but still gives Brother solid sales.


However, parallel to the fax, which for many years was a staple element in every office and in many homes with a computer, Brother is in the process of expanding its range of scanners, as Brother also focuses on a replacement for fax.


Brother launched its first "dedicated" scanners eighteen months ago. Dedicated, because for many years Brother offered scanners as a part of its popular all-in-one printers for both office and home use.


The launch of scanners has been a great success for Brother. So great, that it now introduces two new desktop scanners in a super slimline design ranging between Brothers large office scanners and mobile scanners.


Brother ADS-1100W and ADS-1600W aim at the many businesses and offices with limited space for scanners – e.g. on the user's desktop.


In terms of technology and performance these new Brother models are among the best in the price range between DKK 1,800 and 2,300 (ex VAT).


Simple operation, high quality

Brother ADS-1100W and ADS-1600W live up to the "A" in their name. It stands for "automatic" and reflects the fact that the scanners can be operated with a single press on a button. The scanner's electronics takes care of the rest.


The two new models from Brother offer 2-sided scanning (on both sides of the document in one pass). The scan resolution is 600 × 600 dots (dpi). Both scanners come with an automatic document feeder in the top holding up to 20 sheets.


These new Brother models have wireless network interface, which enables multiple users to share the same scanner. The Wi-Fi network interface also ensures that the scanners can work with smartphones and tablets via Brother's free iPrint&Scan app. This handy app is available for both iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone.


Finally, the two new Brother models come with a special "tray" for scanning of e.g. business cards and credit cards.


Fast scanning, flexible storage

Brother ADS-1100W comes in shiny black colour with both wireless LAN and USB connectivity. The scan speed is up to 16 pages per minute (single-sided). If you work with

2-sided scanning the speed is up to 32 images per minute (ipm).


Coming in a shiny white design, the ADS-1600W offers more features, a large touch display and faster scanning. The scan speed for this model is 8 pages per minute (single-sided) or 36 images per minute (ipm) 2-sided.


With the ADS-1600W you can scan your documents to a variety of destinations, e.g. an e- mail server, FTP server, file, image editing software, OCR for converting a scanned document to a Word or Excel format), SharePoint, e-mail and various cloud and online services such as Facebook or Dropbox .