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Bad habits: are you guilty of these three data no-nos?

We're all constantly encouraged to be security aware, yet in the workplace it seems that there are some obvious security issues that are being overlooked.

How many office printer bad habits are you guilty of? Find out what the most common oversights are and how you can make sure they don’t become a data security risk.

1. Do you leave printouts on the printer?
It’s easily done. You send a document to print just as the phone rings. You take the call and before you know it the document has been sitting in the output tray for fifteen minutes. Any passer-by could pick it up and read it. Most printers can also scan to folder or email. If someone – say a disgruntled employee – got hold of some sensitive or business-critical information, what’s stopping them from scanning it and emailing on? 

2. Do you print out business-sensitive information?
Virtually every business works with confidential information. It could be employees' tax details or salary, medical records, legal documentation, student records or contractual information. If this data fell into the wrong hands, it could cause serious problems for the business, especially in light of the new GDPR legislation. Printing it out might be a habit you’ve got into, but if it’s a shared printer, it is a risk.

3. Do have lots of bits of business data on lots of devices?
We all live in a multi-device world, and business is no different. You might write a presentation on your laptop, formulate a report on your computer or forward documents from your smartphone. If you regularly send business data to print from different sources, it’s worth making sure that it can’t be intercepted or misused – even if the device gets stolen, hacked or is accessed by someone who isn’t authorised.

Brother has a number of ways to help you keep your sensitive business information safe, such as with Brother Secure Print+.
Our Secure Print+ software enables you to print confidential business documents securely. Here are its main features and benefits:

Card authentication - Your documents are only printed when you’re ready to collect them from the printer. This is done with a NFC (Near-field Communications) enabled ID card which releases your document to be printed.

Easy to manage - Users can be added and removed in a few simple steps. Each user can setup their own profile. Individual access can be granted to some or all of the printer's functions.

Secure document printing - Protect confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands. Sensitive documents are only printed when you release the print job from the printer.

Find out more about Secure Print+ or contact us.


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