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Get organised with colour printer labels

Colour printer labels are essential both at home and in various professional sectors, as they help us to be more organised and work more efficiently.

Here are some ideas to get the most out of colour printer labels, whether at work or in the home.

Organising files and folders

Customisable, full-colour labels will help you create a more attractive filing and document management system by helping you colour-code folders, making them easier to identify and reducing the risk of mistakes.

Equipment signage and instructions

"Turn off the light!" or "The paper goes here" are tips that are much more attention-grabbing and striking when you show them in colour. If you place labels with messages like these in strategic places, you can create a more efficient work environment or you can promote recycling at home.

White light switch on wall with a green label on it

Improving spaces through colour

With colour labels you can also personalise rooms, whether at home or in the office. Colours can create moods and help improve productivity, so if you choose the right ones they will help you when studying or working.

Visit and event management

Create small-scale event badges with photos or customise your own business cards.

Labelling food

When choosing what we eat or buy, sight plays a very important role: bright colours or attractive images will encourage consumption, while a black and white label can be easier to ignore.

Labels can provide information on allergens, colour-coding, signage for promotions or to personalise orders for food businesses. In the home, you can label food storage jars and tupperware boxes before placing them in the freezer, so there are no surprises when you come to take them out.

Lunchbox and two open tupperware boxes on a table next to pencils and a water bottle

Take your crafting to the next level

Printing labels in colour opens up a number of possibilities: gift cards, theme labels for parties, photo albums, collages, and personalisation of products to name just a few.

Also, if you have a store or an online shop where you sell your craft products, colour labeling will provide you with opportunities to fully customise shipments that will make a difference and set you apart from the competition.

Personalisation and identification

Whether it is your children's school books, their toys, stationary or the tupperware that you take to work, you can make a colorful label to identify and differentiate them.

3 tupperware containers with a red, yellow and orange label

Educational applications

You can use labels to carry out activities with children whether you work with them or have kids of your own. By making stickers with photos or children's drawings, you can establish some simple routines for the little ones in the house. For example, teach them to put on their shoes (you print a photo on a label, cut it in half and place each part in one of the shoes).

These are just a few examples of all the useful, fun and creative applications that colour labels and the Full Colour Label Printer have to offer.

Time to get organised.

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