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International Print Day 2017 pays tribute to ‘The Print Experience’

Combining flexibility, compatibility and responding to customer needs with the latest technology at a cost-effective price, provides our users with a truly holistic ‘Print Experience.

Alongside speed and crisp print resolution as given hallmarks of our print quality, the solution suites available across our latest colour laser, mono laser and colour inkjet ranges contribute to a positive print experience.

    • Mobile technology - reflecting the increase of employees using multiple devices, customers can operate smartly and efficiently through mobile and cloud, print and scan solutions. Our devices are compatible with Brother’s iPrint&Scan, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud apps.
    • Near Field Communication (NFC) - with secure printing a focus for businesses, NFC, which is available on our flagship devices facilitates “pull printing”. Customers enter a PIN or swipe an ID card to release a print job, ideal for confidential documents.
    • Web Connect technology - eliminating the need to connect to a PC, our technology means users can scan to and print from popular cloud storage services including Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. The benefit is quick and easy sharing and storing of files.
    • High yield cartridges - high yield, super high yield and ultra-high yield cartridges are available across our inkjet and laser ranges. While providing cost-effective print, high yield cartridges minimise device and employee downtime when changing consumables. Quality of print is never compromised. Our latest Business Smart Series became our first business range to use pigment-based inks, creating brighter colours, denser blacks and sharper text.
    • Expandable paper trays - flagship models in our latest colour laser ranges offer expandable paper trays. This enables your printer to grow alongside your business, eliminating the expense of upgrading a device when workflow increases. Extendable paper trays on our colour inkjet line-up allow for A4 and A3 printing. 


    With research and development firmly at the heart of our business, all our line-ups are designed with customer centricity front of mind and a positive #PrintUX as the legacy point.