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Tradesmen can ease their workload by using an electrical labelling machine

According to a recent analysis made by Brother, only few tradesmen use the feature of their labelling machines that allows them to print labels from their smartphones and tablets. In order shed some light on this highly practical feature, Brother is making a special offer on the most advanced portable labelling machine, Brother P-touch E550WVP with built-in Wi-Fi. It costs for DKK 999 ex VAT, incl. four tapes.

Many tradesmen are still writing labels and ID notes by hand, even though they do have access to the most recent technology with hand-held labelling machines and wireless internet.

The result is illegible labels, an increased risk of errors and risk of violating the EU regulation of labelling of electrical equipment and documentation of electrical work.

This is what a survey initiated by Brother and conducted among electricians, entrepreneurs and other tradesmen shows.

The survey finds, among other things, that 78 % of the electricians use labels as a part of their daily work, but 45 % still do them by hand.

The use of labels has grown notably in later years as a result of stricter rules and new regulation. Fifty percent of the tradesmen that were consulted reckon that they will use far more labels in the years to come.

Durable labels are a necessity
Legible labels and a clear marking of installations are important for several reasons: They are part of the documentation for the job being done. This is a requirement from the insurance agencies and authorities, and they can be vital in matters of security, health and emergencies.

Ninety-three percent of electricians carry a smartphone when they are at work. Sixty-two percent use work-related apps and 28 % regard their mobile phone as a means to help abide rules and regulation.

These numbers are Brother looking to improve. Especially now that it is possible to combine smartphone-use with modern label machines.

Brother is among the world’s largest manufacturers of professional label machines that are used in offices, storerooms, in factories - and by many tradesmen.

The most advanced on the market – at special price
To boost the usage of label machines with built-in wireless network among tradesmen Brother has a special offer for the hand-held model PT-E550WVP for a limited period.

Starting September 1st one of the most advanced label machines - and 4 tapes - are available at the price of DKK 999 ex VAT (DKK 1.149 incl. VAT).

P-touch E550WSP is Brother’s largest label machine, made for tradesmen. It is a sturdy label machine with a large graphic display and a knife with half-cut function.

P-touch E550WSP is able to print labels in 3 to 24 mm widths and live up to rules and regulations for labelling cables, wires, distribution boards etc. It is also possible to add your own company logo, or other images, to the labels, if needed.

Clever apps that make your work easier
Brother has developed a series of free apps that makes it a lot easier to design and print professional labels.

First, there is the iPrint&Label app, which can be used to design and print labels from an iPhone/iPad or an Android unit. Then there are the two tradesman apps.

The first tradesman app – “Mobile Cable Label Tool” – is aimed at electricians and engineers, who need to make durable labels for telecom, data and electrical installations. The app can integrate the company logo on the label and gives access to a large library of electrical symbols stored by Brother in the “cloud”.

The other is “Mobile Transfer Express”. It transfers label templates, databases and images from the “cloud” or an e-mail attachment.

Tape for all purposes
Brother’s standard tapes are the laminated P-touch TZe-types. Here you can place text, symbols and logo between two layers of PET (polyester film). The result is a very durable label that can resist abrasion, liquids, extreme temperatures, chemicals and sunlight.

Brother also has various special tapes as for instance Heat Shrink Tape, Strong Adhesive Tape, Flexible ID Tape, Security Tape and Flu orange Tape.

*The analysis was conducted by the research company Rainmakers CSI. They interviewed 1.024 tradesmen in England, France, Germany and Italy in the period from August 2015 to March 2016.

Prices and delivery
P-touch E550WSP is ready to order at Brother’s many dealers.
From September 1st and to the end of November (offer open while stock lasts) the advanced label machine can be purchased for the special price of DKK 999 ex VAT (DKK 1.249 incl. VAT). The price includes 4 free rolls of tape. The normal sales price is DKK 1.499 ex VAT (DKK 1.874 incl. VAT).

Further information
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