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Brother launches portable printer designed especially for iPhone and iPad users

PocketJet PJ-763MFi is the latest addition to Brother’s successful family of portable printers made for sales people, consultants, service men and rescue service people. It is designed based on the Direct Thermo principle, which allows you to print without ink. What makes it different is that PJ-763 MFi was especially made for that large group of people that work with Apple phones and tablets.

Apple is monopolizing the Danish market and many iPhone and iPad users are now getting an extra advantage from Brother – a portable printer especially designed for Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

Brothers new PJ-763MFi is the latest member of the successful and large family of portable thermo printers.

They are characterised by the use of the special Direct Thermo technology for printing. It makes it possible to build very small and lightweight mono printers that do not need ink or toner. Instead, it prints on a special thermic paper.

Many different ways to use the printer
The typical users of Brother’s PocketJets are professionals who need to print on the go.

They may need to print reports, invoices, receipts, quotes, contracts, delivery notes, journals or copies of important documents.

Therefore, you often see sales people, consultants, service men and rescue service people carry portable printers from Brother.

Brother PocketJets can be used to print fines, summons or patient charts.

Besides, PocketJets have become a big hit with tattoo artists all over Europe and the US. They use Brother’s special thermic paper to print the designs that they apply to the customer’s skin and use as templates for the actual tattoo work.

Especially for Apple users
Brother’s latest PocketJet model utilises that iPhones and iPads become more and more popular in the corporate world and the public sector.

The bestselling smartphones and tablets on the Danish market are from Apple and there is a growing need to be able to print documents from those.

Brother PJ-763MFi has been especially approved by Apple in connection with the ”Made For iPhone/iPad” program.

In practice that means that the Brother printer works perfectly together with Apple’s tablets and smartphones via wireless Bluetooth, and can be matched easily with them.

PJ-763MFi has not been made exclusively for iPhone and iPad. The printer can easily work with Android, Windows and Apple MacBook’s via Bluetooth or USB-cable.

Robust and fast
Measuring 255 x 55 x 30 mm the new Brother printer does not take up more space than a rolled up A4 paper.

A weight of only 480 grams (w/o battery) makes PJ-763MFi ideal to fit in your workbag or in your vehicle. Anywhere where mobility is the key word.

Brother PJ-763MFi prints A4 sheets in black and white. Print speed is up to 8 pages per minute and the solution is 300 dpi.

You can easily download and print templates with f. example barcodes, and you can choose between a large variety of original Brother PocketJet accessories.

Those could be an installation set for the car, chargers, storage boxes, 12 volt adapters and a Li-ion battery, that can print up to 600 A4 sheets on one charging.

Prices and delivery
The portable printers in the PocketJet series can all be bought at Brother’s many dealers on the Danish market.
Brother PJ-763MFi will usually cost 4.999 DKK. Excl. VAT or 6,249 DKK. Incl. VAT.

Further information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, Phone (45) 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk or Bomberg PR/Pure PR, phone (45) 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk