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Brother's smart tower trays save time and money

Jønssons Auto in Hillerød takes advantage of the great flexibility and many trays in Brother's ZLT2 and ZLT4 systems to get the paperwork done quicker and more efficiently. Like when you are buying a new car, price, operating costs and stability are important arguments to choose a Brother printer. A lot of other industries can also benefit from Brother's practical ”chest of drawers”.

Every time you sell a new car the sale itself and convincing the customer is almost the least part of the job.


Only when the customer is happy and has made the purchase, the vast paper work begins. A contract has to be made out. Copies are to be sent to the leasing company, to the car dealer's accounts' department, for the customer himself, for the sales representative's own file and of course for the garage that is prepping the car for the customer.


In the old days car dealers used matrix printers for this, because they could manage to print on paper that allowed for print of carbon copies. Today the photocopier is widely used in the car industry, but they call for manual sorting of papers and that takes time.


At Jønssons Auto A/S in Hillerød they have found a third and much more effective solution. They use a Brother HL-6180DW laser printer with a Brother ZLT2 tower tray.


Jønssons Auto has found a smart solutiion

When the sales representative has the contract ready, he only pushes "print" once on his computer and three copies are printed.


The copy on white paper goes to the mechanic, the blue to the garage and the green one to the warehouse. The green sheet also has a grid printed on the back where the mechanic can tic off the extra accessories that are needed for the car.


The secret is in a special ”Carbon Copy” function in the software that comes with the purchase of a Brother ZLT2- or ZLT4 tower tray.


Saves time and money

The function makes it possible to print the same document from several papertrays at the same time. If the trays contain paper in different colours you will experience a significant efficiency boost, as is the case with the car dealer in North Zealand.


Jønssons Auto has existed since 1989. The company has 18 employees and sells Seat and Hyundai. Furthermore they are runing a licensed garage for Honda.


”With three popular car brands we are busy every day. Often we are very busy. Every minute counts, so we do not waste time on administration and paper pushing. We would rather give our customers the best service and good advise regarding their car purchase", says Robert Andersson IT chief of Jønssons Auto A/S.


He says that  the company has tried out many print and photocopy solutions thoughout the years. The most economic and flexible is the combination of a Brother HL-6180DW mono laser printer and a Brother ZLT2 tower tray system.


Ideal for many industries

Kontorland in Hillerød, that has supplied the Brother solution to the local car dealer, sees great potential in other companies and industries.


”Our experience from Jønsson Auto shows that car dealers all over the country can make good use of a similar system. They all struggle with the same administrative procedures - and some of them may even need more copies in various colours." explains Sales Director of Kontorland Jesper Siezing.


”We can easily see the need of this solution in other industries. There are many places where they work with more or several copies of the same document, and where the handling today is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Industries such as freigh forwarding, music, entrepeneurs and shipping are just a few of them”, Jesper Siezing continues .


Kontorland is one of Brother's largest dealers on the Danish market. From originally being focused on local customers in North Zealand, Kontorland is now serving several  nationwide chains and has customers all over Denmark.


Flexibility is the key

Brother's smart tower tray system is available in to versions – ZLT2 with two trays for a total of 1,000 sheets and  ZLT4 with four trays for a total of 2,000 sheets. Both are compatible with the popular Brother printers HL-5450DN, HL-5470DW and HL-6180DW.


”The chests of drawers” look like Brother's professional printere in colour and design. ZLT2 is a table model while ZLT4 is equipped with wheels, so it makes it easy to move around.


Brother ZLT2 and ZLT4 produce fast print and are very stable while also able to stream line work flow and improve productivity for their users.


Further information

Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone (+45) 43 31 31 31, e-mailhenning.elkjaer@brother.dk


Bomberg PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk