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The Coolest Labelling Machine for Craftsmen

Brother's new P-touch E550WVP must be the dream of all electricians, fitters and other craftsmen. The handy labelling machine has Wi-Fi, a large collection of frequently used symbols and prints on e.g. heat shrink tube. The price is DKK 1,499 ex VAT.

Many craftsmen take pride in working with the best tools, driving in nice vans and having practical smartphones that can withstand falling into a puddle or being dropped on a stone floor without breaking.

Craftsmen with such a strong sense of quality also need the coolest labelling machine on the market. They often need to identify and label the job on e.g. cables, wires, panels, barcodes – or in the home office on binders, cartons, boxes, cabinets, equipment, etc.

Brother's new PT-E550WVP is the most advanced labelling machine for craftsmen. It is fast, handy and combines classic qualities such as solid construction and great flexibility with modern day technological advances such as wireless network and design of custom labels with e.g. logo via a program on the PC.

Flexible labelling machine

Brother PT-E550WVP has a keyboard with PC layout and a large and easy-to-read display with backlight. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a power supply and a sturdy carrying case to carry it all in.

The labelling machine can print barcodes, sequential numbering, 394 different symbols and labels with text blocks that fit exactly with typical electrical installations. The labels are between 3.5 and 24 mm wide, and the print speed is as much as 30 mm per second.

The new PT-E550WVP labelling machine can be connected to a PC via USB cable or a wireless network.

Advanced software
The software included allows you to design your own labels with e.g. logo, photos, and special symbols. The layout is usually designed on the PC, whereupon the finished labels and databases are transferred to the labelling machine.

Alternatively, labels can be designed on a smartphone or tablet when working in the field. In this case, Brother's free iPrint&Label app and Mobile Cable Label Tool app – available for Apple and Android phones – are used.

A third free Brother app – Mobile Transfer Express – allows installers to load files from e-mail or cloud and transfer them wirelessly to the labelling machine's memory.

Works with heat shrink tube
Naturally, the PT-E550WVP can work with Brother's special heat shrink tube, which is particularly popular with electricians and cable installers for durable and easy-to-handle solutions for labelling e.g. wires and cables.

The text for the new heat shrink tube is entered on the Brother labelling machine and put on the cord, it should identify – and then heat from a heat gun is applied. The tube shrinks up to 50 percent in diameter and 15 percent in length when it is heated between 110 and 140 degrees. The result is an easy-to-read, yet extremely durable identification tightly fitted around the item.

Brother sells the new heat shrink tubes in lengths of 1.5 metres and a width between 5.8 and 23.6 mm.