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PA-LP-006 - Label Peeler

Automatic label peeler accessory compatible with TJ-4420TN and TJ-4520TN industrial label printers.

The Brother PA-LP-006 automatic label peeler can help you to increase worker efficiency and maximise productivity when used with TJ-4420TN or TJ-4520TN.

The label peeler accessory removes and rewinds the backing from labels when printed, saving your workforce time and saving you money

Key features

  • Save your workforce time peeling labels
  • Ensures a clean peel with liner rewind for every label, every time
  • Dealer installable optional accessory
  • Compatible with TJ-4420TN and TJ-4520TN printers


Label being peeled by Brother TJ peeler accessory

Improve worker efficiency

Stop workers' time being wasted when stood removing labels from backing paper. Instead, use the PA-LP-006 label peeler to automatically peel labels for you, helping to maximise worker efficiency.

Improve performance and speed up tasks with the optional PA-LP-006 accessory for TJ-4420TN or TJ-4520TN, ideal for the manufacturing and transport and logistics sectors.


Compatible with

Compatible Label Printers