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PA-CU-004 Label Cutter

Automatic label cutter accessory compatible with selected TJ industrial printers.

By automatically cutting labels as you print, the Brother PA-CU-004 cutter ensures a clean cut and easy handling every time.

The automatic label cutter accessory is designed to increase efficiency for use with the TJ series of industrial printers.

Key features

  • Delivers a professional finish with clean label cuts
  • Produce labels of various lengths with continuous label rolls
  • Dealer installable optional accessory
  • Compatible with TJ-4020TN, TJ-4120TN, TJ-4021TN and TJ-4121TN printers


PACU004 accessory attached to Brother TJ printer

Perfect cuts, every time

With the PA-CU-004 automatic cutter optional accessory, you can create the exact length of label required. Print a range of label sizes to suit your needs when using a continuous roll with your Brother TJ industrial label printer.

Experience professional, clean cuts with this automatic cutter accessory for the TJ series.

Compatible label printers

Compatible Label Printers