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Man using label printer

The PT-E550WSP bundle includes 4 tapes that help wiring regulations compliance. So you can enjoy all the benefits at a fraction of the price.

Help ensure your work meets rigorous industry standards by printing durable, long-life labels on-site and on-demand, to complete the job in a professional manner.

Find out how the bundle can help you comply with wiring regulations, download our short guide below.

Contact your local dealer for campaign price.


Find dealer Wiring regulations guide (433kb)

Man using label printer

PT-E550WSP features

  • Prints durable labels up to 24mm wide
  • Easy to use built in labelling functions
  • Design and print labels via your mobile app or PC
  • Tapes (TZe-FX231, TZe-241, TZe-251 and TZe-261) to help you comply with wiring regulations
  • Carry case, tapes and battery included


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Why label?

Light switch with label

Professional Installation

Impress your customers with detailed, customised, easy-to-read labels.
Light switch

Ease of maintenance

Reduce the time needed to diagnose faults.
Label on cable

Safety and compliance

Create professional warning signs and information labels.
Labels of fuse box

Making life easier for your customers

Clear identification ensures ease of operation and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

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