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Do YOU know what a MPS solution can do for your company?


Our MPS customers do, and they are really happy with it. We want to ensure that we can continue to meet their requirements. Therefore, we have asked them to complete a survey. In the survey we asked them what they expect from their MPS solution, what they are most satisfied with, and how they would rate them (1-5 stars).

The answers were quite unambiguous. They expected a competitive price, high level of service, experience, and efficiency

They were most satisfied with the features of the machines, the supply of consumables and the good service. Also,  they agreed that Brother is customer focused, available, and proactive.

Of course, we are really happy about that feedback, and we are still working hard to keep up the good work and be "at your side", so we can deliver an updated solution if the need should change over time.

Lasse Madsen, who is a graphic designer at Lykke by Lykke, has previously stated about their MPS solution:"With a reliable MPS solution from Brother that automatically orders and delivers toner, we can focus on selling clothes and giving our customers a great experience."

But what is MPS, really?
In short, an MPS solution consists of one or more printers that are set up for automatic ordering and delivery of consumables, and you only pay for what you print.

By closely studying how you work today, you can get suggestions on how a bespoke MPS solution from Brother can help you optimise your workflow as much as possible. This is how we ensure that you get a solution that is safe, user-friendly and that will save you money. Your supplies, toners or ink cartridges, will be ordered and delivered automatically when needed. The printer makes sure to send a message when it detects low toner, so that new supplies arrive on time. It is easy and convenient, and you do not have to do anything at all. Brother takes care of it all.

Features & benefits
•    Automatic ordering and delivery of consumables, so you get exactly what you need - when you need it
•    Safe, cost-effective solutions designed for busy workplaces
•    Solutions for companies of all sizes
•    Click prices are incl. all necessary consumables (toner / ink cartridges, drum unit, waste toner box and belt unit) and delivery

Read more about Brother’s MPS solutions here and on our blog.

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